The Lifetime Financial Strategies Program

Participants in the Lifetime Financial Strategies ProgramSM work through six distinct steps, during regular strategy and actions sessions with a facilitator from Cowan Financial Group.


Step 1

The Financial Profile Session

We review your completed Financial Profiler and discuss your current strategies.  The Lifetime Vision Questionnaire will help us focus on what is most important to you.

Step 2

The Lifetime Vision Development Session

Financial success starts with a Lifetime Vision.  During this session, we help you develop your clear Lifetime Vision and discuss how you can begin to realize this vision for yourself and your family.

Step 3

The Financial Strategies Workshop

We review and evaluate the financial tools, resources, and opportunities available to you and measure the impact new financial strategies will have on your plan now and in the future.

Step 4

The Financial Action Plan

We create a "living" document and begin to implement the strategies to enable you to realize your vision.  This plan also allows us to measure your financial progress over time.

Step 5

The Critical Financial Path Workshop

We help you create your personal "critical financial path", a tool outlining the strategies and actions that you have implemented.

Step 6

The Strategy and Actions Sessions

Through regularly scheduled sessions, we review the progress you've made, discuss new strategies to enhance your plan, and make any necessary adjustments to address life's inevitable changes.